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Let Lien Specialists Services, Inc. protect and preserve your right to be paid for all the work and material you provide. We are dedicated to serving you and ensuring your ability to receive compensation. Most small to medium sized companies don’t have the time or staff necessary to complete the forms accurately and keep track of statutory time limits on when and what must be filed to protect their right to compensation. This is what we do and it’s all we do.

At Lien Specialists Services, Inc., our efficiency allows us to correctly complete the notices and documents required and keep you informed along the way. We’ll send you updates so you always know where you stand. More importantly, we thoroughly understand how important your bottom line is so we keep our prices low. We offer prepaid pre-lien packages that can and will dramatically decrease your costs. Using Lien Specialists Services, Inc. will keep your costs low and keep your income protected.

Properly filing pre-lien notices not only protects your right to be paid but is an effective receivable management tool.

To summarize, the pre-lien communicates to all parties that you are a professional providing a service or material, and that you are serious about being compensated for that service or material. Statistics have shown that using pre-liens properly not only preserves your right to file a lien but actually reduces the percentage of liens that must be filed. That’s in everyone’s best interest…especially yours.


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"We process and serve pre-liens in order to preserve our customer's rights to file a mechanic's lien if they are not paid for their work."


Lien - A lien is an encumbrance or claim on real estate as security for an obligation and is a legal means to secure payment of said obligation. This can be filed for money borrowed against the real estate or for money owed for labor performed or materials supplied on or for the real estate.


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